You shopped wrong at Aldi


ALDI is growing rapidly in the United States, which means that more and more Americans can shop in its stores.

The popular grocery chain has opened more than 1,000 stores over the past decade and plans to have locations in 38 states by the end of 2022.


Aldi offers consumers some of the lowest prices of any major grocery store

Any Aldi shopper knows the store offers great prices on most staples, but even seasoned shoppers might miss some of these money-saving tactics.

Here are the best moves you can make at Aldi for your wallet and pantry.

1. Opt for Aldi-branded products

Like Walmart, Aldi sells generic versions exclusive to brand-name stores at discounted prices.

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In many cases, Aldi products are more affordable than even their Walmart alternative.

And Aldi doesn’t compromise on quality to deliver low prices.

In the Product of the Year 2022 awards, based on a survey of more than 40,000 consumers, seven exclusive Aldi items were won in 40 categories.

2. Shop Wednesday

On Tuesday evenings, Aldi staff stock the shelves with “Aldi Finds” deals – popular seasonal discounted items that are only available while supplies last.

Hitting Aldi on Wednesday is the best way to ensure you capitalize on Finds, which are some of the store’s best deals.

And they’re not just limited to food. Depending on the season, you can find outdoor gear, holiday gifts, or home decor.

Some items are really flying off the shelves, so if you really want to try Finds, you should do your shopping on Wednesday morning.

Many Aldi locations also restock after closing on Tuesday, which means you can get the freshest produce, baked goods and more on Wednesday.

3. Last Minute Bakery Discounts

And speaking of baked goods, some of Aldi’s biggest discounts are on bread.

Aldi will slash the prices of baked goods as they approach the best before date and mark discounted items with large stickers.

You can make huge savings on bread and other baked goods while bringing home perfectly refined products.

The bread also stays good for a few days after its expiration date, so there’s no worry about the quality.

4. Buy online

Thanks to a partnership between Aldi and Instacart, you can do all your shopping without leaving home.

The process is simple – go to its delivery site and check if you are within range.

From there, you can simply fill your digital basket while accessing in-store offers such as Aldi Savers discounts.

Delivery is same day and can be as fast as an hour after you place your order.

You can also download the Aldi app to get at-home updates when prices drop on your favorite items or new deals are available.

5. The double Aldi guarantee

Aldi has one of the best return and refund policies of any major brand.

If you are returning a product for quality reasons, Aldi will refund and replace the item.

The “Twice As Nice” guarantee applies to virtually all products except alcohol and certain non-food items.

Simply bring back the item you need to return and your receipt and you’ll get a fresh product plus a cash or credit card refund, depending on how you paid.

If you don’t have a receipt, Aldi will refund you via a store gift card.

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