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It may not yet be a household name in the UK, but Swedish discounter Motatos is set to shake up UK retail. The brand is already a hit in the Nordics and is set to rival Aldi and Lidl after its launch earlier this month.

The online store, which was first launched eight years ago in Sweden, cuts prices by offering surplus food from wholesalers. These foods are often considered surplus due to new packaging, changing seasons, or short best before dates.

Often it will end up in the landfill, so Motatos decided to sell it for a low price instead. Since Motatos does not stock fresh, refrigerated or frozen food, it is unlikely that you will be able to do all your food shopping there, but the consumer group Which? was impressed with the prices when he conducted a shopping cart survey last week.

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Adorned with peace signs and revolutionary slogans, Motatos’ online store offers something a little different (and much greener) than many other food retailers. “Because we save products and help our suppliers be more sustainable, we have the ability to buy our products at great prices. This means we can sell them to you at incredible discounts,” says its website.

It saves food producers and wholesalers products that would otherwise be thrown away due to overproduction, faulty packaging, seasonal trends and short or sometimes exceeded best before dates. He claims that he is then able to sell these items at deep discounts, usually between 20-60% less than the normal price of the product.

Motatos says it always strives to stock the most well-known brands on the market – but due to its business model, you may notice that its range changes frequently (almost daily, in fact) depending on which products need be saved from the dump. When which one? conducted the search last week, Motatos sold a wide range of household names including Ariel, Cadbury, Heinz, Johnson’s, Kellogg’s, Nescafé and Walkers.

Who? took a look at some of the most popular branded food items sold on the Motatos site and compared their prices with other supermarkets that stocked the items on the same day.

Here’s what they found cheaper:

Zero Sugar Cherry Coca-Cola: (1.75L) £1.25 (£2 at Sainsbury’s).

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Buttons: (110g) 63p (£1.25 at Tesco).

Robinsons Cassis Double Strength (1l): £1.58 (£2 at Asda, £2 at Ocado, £2 at Sainsbury’s, £2.25 at Tesco).

Aquafresh Intense Clean Lasting Fresh Toothpaste Monotube: 75g £1.58 (£3 at Ocado).

Finish Original Dishwasher Cleaner 250ml: £2.50 (£4 at Morrison).

However, two items compared by Which? were more expensive:

Radox Regenerating Antibacterial Hand Wash 250ml: £1.26 (89p at Asda)

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Cappuccino coffee pods (16 capsules): £3.99 (£3.50 at Asda, Tesco and Waitrose £4 at Morrisons)

It should be borne in mind that price comparisons do not take into account loyalty schemes such as Tesco Clubcard prices or Boots Advantage Card Scheme, but although products can sometimes be found cheaper elsewhere, shopping with Motatos come with the added benefit of registering a product. which otherwise would have been discarded unnecessarily.

There is a minimum spend of £20 and delivery is £2.99 or free if you spend over £40. Be sure to check expiration dates before purchasing as they may be shorter than expected.

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