Verizon will launch a hub that will include Netflix, Peloton, Disney+ and other subscriptions


Verizon announced the launch of a new platform with Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services. The new platform will serve as a platform for customers to discover, purchase and manage their preferred subscriptions.

The platform will be called Verizon Plus Play and will launch with a select group of customers and brands in late March. It will roll out to a wider audience later this year.

Verizon Plus Play

Verizon Plus Play will centralize streaming subscription services at no additional cost to its subscribers. Plus Play will allow customers to manage subscriptions across devices and provide information about offers on content services.

This may include discounts for Disney+, EPSN Plus and Hulu bundles and other promotional offers.

However, it is recommended to monitor your subscription purchases, especially when they are on discount. Sometimes signing up for a discount automatically allows users to collect data, like its Custom Experience Plus program that tracks location data, websites you open and who you call.

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The company said that as more and more customers sign up for different streaming platforms that provide music, games and news, it becomes increasingly difficult for customers to know how much they are. billed.

It can also be difficult to determine what content is available to them and whether they are getting the most out of their subscriptions.

How Plus Play will work

According to CNET, customers using Plus Play will be able to manage their payment card and see their service’s monthly renewal date in the dashboard.

If you subscribe to a service through the platform, or transfer your payment to have Verizon bill you directly, you will be able to cancel subscriptions through Plus Play. Those who use a Verizon credit card will also be able to earn 2% rewards on subscription paid through the service, according to Variety.

The expansion of subscription management comes as wireless carriers have focused on adding content to entice customers to upgrade to unlimited data plans.

The service offers subscriptions to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, as well as Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. Its most expensive unlimited plan, Verizon Get More, adds an Apple Music subscription.

Compare the competition

The company’s competitor, T-Mobile, offers several streaming services with its Magenta and Magenta Max plans, including bundled Netflix subscriptions. It also includes one-year subscriptions to Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus Essentials.

Meanwhile, AT&T is offering six-month trials of Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now gaming services with its Unlimited plans and bundles in HBO Max as part of its Unlimited Elite offering.

Verizon has introduced many services in recent months. In 2021, Verizon partnered with Amazon to bring its service to rural areas.

Last month, Verizon also made paying for smartphones easier for its customers by introducing a 3-year installment plan.

Verizon’s partnership with Meta

In other related news, at the company’s Investor Day event on Thursday, Verizon announced a partnership with Meta. The company will explore how it can collaborate in a future metaverse, according to The Verg.

The Verizon and Meta partnership will examine ways to use Verizon’s 5G network with Meta’s technologies to understand the fundamental requirements of metaverse applications.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has made the creation of the Metaverse a key initiative for the company formerly known as Facebook.

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