Top 5 Most Popular American Restaurants in Colorado Springs, Colorado | restaurant review


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Colorado Springs is an upcoming paradise for delicious food. From traditional dishes to trendy cafes, the city offers an assortment of restaurants and cuisines. If you are looking for the best restaurants that serve delicious American food, the five most popular American restaurants in the city are not to be missed!

5. The skirted heifer

The classic restaurant is famous for its delicacies and for serving customers an extra layer of melted cheddar cheese that looks like a skirt. They serve the best burgers made with locally raised natural meats. Be sure to sample the Classic Skirted Heifer starting at $7.95.

4. The airplane restaurant

The Airplane restaurant is perfect to enjoy your dinner and lunch and any special celebration. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, and no matter what occasion you are planning, send the email and they will be at your service.

3. The rabbit hole

Under the springs, visit the restaurant to discover the new nightlife. The upscale American kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy seasonal small plates and fantastic drinks in a classic, relaxed atmosphere with friends and family. Book your reservation to enjoy a fine dining experience and discover the underground nightlife.

2. Colorado Mountain Brewery

The restaurant invites you to taste one of its award-winning burgers, appetizers or appetizing dishes. In addition, the restaurant serves a menu of special hours, special offers and discounts. Secure your reservation to take advantage of special occasions, offers and craft beers.

1. by Shuga

Shuga’s is located at 702 South Cascade Avenue and is one of the finest restaurants serving the finest American cuisines. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes using the highest quality organic and local ingredients, providing their guests with a fine dining experience. Customers can order online and make reservations at any time.


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