Spring Maintenance Checks on Your A/C with Mattex


Champaign, IL (WCIA)

Mattex Service Company offers residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sewer and electrical services. They are the highest rated service team in East Central Illinois and try to educate those around them on the value of the trades industry.

Here’s more from Mattex:

We are the best provider of heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sewer and electricity in the area. Right now, we are working hard to educate those around us on the importance of having their cooling (air conditioning) systems checked for the hot weather ahead.

Here are some reasons people may not be aware of for key reasons not to skip or delay your A/C service:
Increased energy efficiency (i.e. reduced energy bills)
Extended equipment life (i.e. deferring expensive repairs or replacements)
Preserve equipment warranties (you can void your HVAC warranty by skipping even one seasonal maintenance check!)
Better air quality (can help with seasonal allergies and the overall health of your home)

There are so many little things that, if not checked and addressed by a licensed professional, can increase your energy bills, shorten the life of your equipment, lead to poorer air quality and even void your manufacturer’s warranties!

We are the highest rated team in East Central Illinois and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are the preferred supplier to thousands of Central Illinois customers for their heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sewer and electrical needs.

We are also an outward-looking organization, serving the following charities each year:
Project 703
Judah Christian School
CU at home
Muhammad’s Youth Leagues
Community Services Foundation
Piatt County Animal Shelter
Boys and girls club
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership
Shop with a cop

We’re giving $10 off A/C service through the end of May.

Your first month free for new members of the monthly maintenance plan who perform their air conditioning maintenance before June 1st! This is how it works:

$7.50 per month, per piece of equipment under maintenance
Divides the cost of your upkeep over the course of a year so you can pay as you go
Two spring maintenance checks
15% discount on repairs
Discounts on plumbing and electricity
Service charge waived from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday
Priority planning
No payment the first month

Mattex Service Company
402 S Staley Road



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