Save up to $ 700 on Surface Duo 2 with this hidden Best Buy promotion


Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

If you thought Surface Duo 2 was prohibitively expensive, imagine its starting price going from $ 1,499 to $ 799. If you have a Duo 1 lying around, this could be your final prize thanks to a new, infrequent Best Buy promotion.

Here is the scoop. Right now, people get $ 450 for their 256GB Surface Duo 1 (and $ 400 for 128GB models) at Best Buy when they trade to Surface Duo 2. But you can get more than that if you print a special promotional page on the Best Buy site and physically visit one of its stores. On the page linked in the previous sentence, you will find this coupon:

Order the new Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and get up to $ 700 when you trade in an eligible device. Up to $ 700 in total value applied via an exchange gift card and $ 250 point-of-sale coupon. Valid in store only. Taxes / surcharges due at time of purchase. Taxes applied to the price of the phone before crediting the gift card. Not all phones are trade-in eligible and trade-in value may vary. Total value given as an exchange gift card and $ 250 point of sale coupon. Coupon can only be applied to new Microsoft Duo 2 device. Excludes phones that are cracked or lacking in power. Not available in all locations and some stores may have additional limitations. Offer may not be cumulative with other credits, discounts and offers. No rain checks. See for more details.

Here’s the math: $ 450 for a 256GB Duo 1, plus $ 250 from the above coupon equals $ 700 in savings. Or $ 650, if you combine the offer with a 128GB Duo 1. People on Reddit discussed the deal and one claims that in-store employees have told them the promotion will end on December 31, 2021. We reached out to Best Buy for comment on the details of the promotion, including its expiration date. end, and will update the article when we hear.

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