Samsung 30% Off: How to Get Massive Price Reduction on Your Next Samsung Purchase


As the year draws to a close, many people are still looking for gifts to give for the New Year. Fortunately, Samsung is offering a massive discount to several people, including students and medical staff.

Samsung Discount

For several students across the country, the 2020-2021 school year was unusual, as many stayed home and completed their homework online.

This year, however, things appear to be returning to normal as institutions welcome students back to campus. Plus, while students still take classes online, the ever-increasing cost of education and back-to-school supplies can be a nuisance, according to CNBC.

According to KPMG, the average cost of school supplies for students is expected to climb to $ 320, a 13% increase from 2020.

Many companies give student discounts and several states give sales tax exemptions to combat rising product costs. It just means that students can save money on everything from clothes and food to gadgets by simply showing their student ID.

In this regard, Samsung is offering a special 30 percent discount to students.

Along with Samsung’s student discount program, the South Korea-based tech company is also offering the same discount percentage to first responders, military personnel, and government officials.

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How to get a Samsung 30% discount?

According to Samsung’s website, students, first responders, military personnel, and government officials can save an additional 15%, bringing the total savings to 30% off computers, smartphones, tablets and more.

This only means that in order to accumulate the 30% rebate, eligible people must complete trades and they must be enrolled in their respective rebate program.

First, they need to log into for their transaction. In addition, additional verification of their identification may be required.

Apart from this, it should also be noted that the rates and specials displayed on their website are only available to those who have verified Samsung accounts.

Regarding the student discount, students must be enrolled in Samsung’s education offerings program using their school email ID or an email ID validated by

More importantly, the Samsung discount will also work if they agree to the terms of use of a real email address registered under their name.

All prizes are for a limited time and cannot be combined with any other promotion. Other than the Samsung website, this pricing is not available in-store or online.

Additionally, the tech giant noted that these rates, along with all other terms and conditions associated with, are subject to change at any time without notice.

Finally, to benefit from these special rates and privileges, interested customers must purchase at least two products per product category, email address and / or delivery address during any period of a calendar year.

Keep in mind that this process also works for all of the eligible people mentioned.

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