Salary ‘injustices’ in Barça staff


It’s no secret that FC Barcelona is going through a total crisis, financially, institutionally and sportingly (albeit with light at the end of the tunnel) and that the club has big debts (short and long term), as well as that the losses are worrying and are increasing year after year. They have been too many years marked by poor management, but it is something that, a year and a half after the exit of Josep María Bartomeu, has not improved much… Or the necessary.

One of the main “causes” of this crisis and that the club spend, literally, all of its income on paying sports staff, is that the wage bill is too high. This includes the gross salary of the players, but also its depreciation, the payment of agents, among other points, which leave Barça with an economic health, if it wants, much worse than that of the majority of clubs in Europe.

Is it a reversible crisis? Yes, of that there is no doubt. But it will take time and necessary sacrifices. The first (or only) affected are the players, who came with millionaire agreements that do not justify, in the majority of cases, the exercise the same in the field. Especially that of “sacred cows” or “heavyweights”. It is true that with the -forced- exit of Leo Messi or Antoine Griezmann, the wage bill has dropped considerably (from more than 600 million euros to some 430 ‘kilos’ at the start of the 2021 financial year- 2022) but follows without being sufficient. Barça, even with this ‘bajón’, has one of the most expensive squads in all of Europe.

It’s surprising that it’s like that, given that in the staff there isn’t a world-class ‘crack’ like there was Messi or even Griezmann. Or before Neymar, Suárez or all the stars who have passed through the Barça locker room. Nevertheless, they remainedin the players of the staff who yes have millionaire salaries, despite his age, his performances… Do they deserve it or not? It’s the question of the million, but what is itself a reality is that in the Barcelona club, those who contribute the most on the pitch earn less.

Players’ salaries are a mystery and will never know, for sure, how many embolsan per season (following what Gérard Martelé published to ‘defend’), but there are some web portals that manage an idea and desvelan how much the big star can earns. This is the case of ‘Salary Sport’.

To continue, review the one that would be the salary of the footballers of the first staff (and the canteranos who have ‘colado’ in this season) from eldest to minor, expressed in gross millions (with taxes). They also consider salaries before discounts or exits (case of Coutinho or Umtiti):

Player salary point
Coutinho* €22,921,600


Umtiti* €15,864,160
Busquets €15,260,960
Jordi Alba €13,508.00
Serge Roberto €9,892,480
F. de Jong


Memphis D


Ter Stegen €8,505,120
G. I hammered €6,212,960
Report €5,911,360
Braithwaite €5,911,360
Lenglet €5,851,040
Ansu Fati* €4,162,080
S.Dest €3,860,480
Riqui Puig €3,860,480
Eric Garcia €3,076,320
Ronald Araujo €2,111,200
Pedri* €1,930,240
L. de Jong* €1,508.00
Mingueza €1,146.08
Hill* €904,800
Inaki Crag €723,840
Nico €603,200
Wague €536,846
Balde €211,120
Gavi €132,704


There are a lot of nuances in the moment to talk about salaries, put Barça (and the rest of the clubs) include many variables per objective (number of games, trophies, etc.) and is a montage that he will never know for sure, given the fact that, in addition, in the Barcelona club he accessed a diferimiento of payments at the start of the pandemic and later. Similarly, hall players who have ‘loyalty’ bonuses and all of these factors, of course, influence any idea one may have of what is, in reality, the entry of players per season (or into the deal, completely).

What he himself knows (and is a reality) is that there is an absolute imbalance in the staff as far as salaries are concerned. The main reason is that there are agreements that were negotiated some time ago, when the economic situation was more favorable, and which now seem to make no sense and leave the Catalan entity in a more delicate position. It’s something in what was Joan Laporta’s board of directorsworking, standing out the cases of Gerard Martelé, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba or Samuel Umtiti.

In the case of the captains, the three accessed a pay cut over the summer that has allowed signings to be registered at this time. The central is the one who has most finished ‘losing’, while his two friends continue in the ‘top’ of the best paid. On the other hand, Samuel Umtiti left to earn €15,864,160 per season (nearly eight net ‘kilos’) after his renewal. The central will succeed in earning this amount, less the ten percent, in the years which remain to him of agreement. Ingresará, by 2026, around 6 million net. An abyssal (and necessary, by the way) difference.

What’s going on with Coutinho’s salary?

Before his exit with management at Aston Villa, as a loan, Philippe Coutinho had the highest salary of the FC Barcelona plantillla, with an annual income of €22,921,600, a figure that obviously does not justify what has shown on the pitch or what has been able to bring to the Barcelona group. With his transfer to the English group, frees his square and Barça saves a large part of his salary.

The Brazilian has accessed a reduction in his salary, as confirmed by Xavi at a press conference: “It says a lot about Philippe that he wants to have minutes. He lowered the salary and he is an exemplary professional”, commented in his moment. Now he will see his income reduced but Barca will still have to pay a percentage of the same. He spoke that Aston Villa will assume 60%, but does not know with clarity. In all cases, the ‘Cou’ ensue generating ‘costs’ for the culés.

The case of Ansu or Pedri

We must also review the case of Ansu Fati (€4,162,080) and Pedri (€1,930,240), those who after its renewals (announced in October), started earning much more. The midfielder has seen his deal improved, with an extension of his stay at Camp Nou until 2026 and a salary of around three million euros, as you report them.

For his part, Ansu has signed a deal until 2027 and will see a significant improvement in his annual income, well above that of Tegueste, agreeing with the information he has been processing. Andl canterano could brush the 8 or 10 million euros per season. A figure much higher than what he has won so far and that, since he begins to be effective from this season (like that of Pedri).

The ceded, Luuk and Hill, and the ‘Wague case’

Another point to take into account is the situation of Luuk de Jong (€1,508,000) transferred from Sevilla at the end of the 2021-2022 season. It is the Andalusian club which pays its annual salary, although he plays at Camp Nou, okay to point them out. For his part, Àlex Hill (€904,800) went on loan to Granada until June 30 and boasts of having Barça will pay a percentage of their record.

Likewise, it is Moussa Wagué, the one who is in the final stretch of his recovery, after almost a year of falling, and understands that he is going to leave Barça. He has no record in the first team, foror yes a salary that would round off the €536,848. Barcelona’s image would pay for them, despite being ‘knocked out’ from time to time.

Imbalance of staff and their salaries

Finally, at Barça, there is a great imbalance between the income of footballers and their contribution to the field of play, in both directions. To put a practical example, again according to data from ‘Salaire Sport’, Clément Lenglet earns €5,851,040 gross per year, and has played a total of 790 minutes delivered in 15 minutes. It is far from being an indisputable headline, while a ‘fixed’ like Ronald Araújo, currently earns €2,111,200 after playing practically everything…

It’s the same case of Net, Sergi Roberto… Players who are ingresando an alarming amount of money and that it does not justify it (for different reasons and in different situations). It will be necessary to see how much the club will offer to players like Araújo, Nico or Gavi (whom they will go up to the first team), but for the moment, imbalance and “injustices” reign on the Barcelona table.


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