OctaFX Shares Five Expert Life Tips To Win Black Friday Instead Of Just Spending


09 Dec. 2021 17:36 STI

New Delhi [India], Dec. 9 (ANI / NewsView): During the Black Friday season, most people get ready to spend large sums of money.
But what if you could turn that around? Instead, you would earn money during the world’s largest discount period. The experts at OctaFX explain how.
The international Forex broker OctaFX has ventured outside the box once again. While most people and businesses are focused on spending and selling discounted products, OctaFX offers opportunities to earn money and increase income on this global mass shopping festival. The fintech company has brought together influential financial experts to present five simple approaches to increase revenue during the Black Friday season.
Take advantage of labor market shortages
Looking for a part-time job seems pretty obvious, but surprisingly people rarely notice this opportunity, at least not as much as you might think.
Many employers are actively seeking new, motivated team members during these extremely busy cycles – this aspect relates to the lack of manpower, especially in sales, IT or design. In particular, there is an urgent need in the IT industry to support the overloading of their websites with additional staff. Applying before a season like this can give you another edge over latecomers.
Invest in advance
Although it sounds relatively straightforward, the proposition here is that the stock market is expected to be very volatile during these days. Paying attention to the inventory of certain companies, whose products could most likely be in high demand during the sales season, could prove lucrative.
If you’re feeling late for Black Friday in this regard, the Christmas season might be just far enough away to successfully apply this strategy. The approach gains in popularity the earlier you consider and finalize the investment.
Currency trading
In fact, all Forex brokers run promotional initiatives during seasons like Black Friday. The secret is how to find the most reliable, the most profitable and the most beneficial.
You must search promotional conditions good. The history of past events is also indicative of a trustworthy broker. Usually you can find out about their offers about 1 to 2 weeks before the event.

“In the financial market, like Forex, these ‘promotional’ periods also apply. When we design technical analysis at such a time, we do it by a method called ‘seasonal analysis’,” explains the FX award recipient. the most popular. Trainers Award in Malaysia, Kar Yong Ang.
Take advantage of retail prices
This option can be obscure because it actually represents the act of buying. But again, the more you search for the deals, the more likely you are to get the best retail price for an item you would have bought anyway. This strategy becomes even more powerful when you consider the well-observed fact that an item typically increases in price after the Black Friday season compared to before the season.
WikiFX Top Asia Forex Analyst of 2019, Kar Yong Ang, points out, “By implementing a traditional business plan, you could buy certain products in advance, only to sell them for a considerably higher price after the season. Taking advantage of such promotions can generate decent sales and therefore profits. “
Again, if the current discount extravagance has left you unsure of your timing, don’t forget the upcoming Christmas season. In terms of purchasing goods, it often even exceeds Black Friday conditions.
Sometimes not spending so much money to have earned it
If you saved money on a purchase it could be considered a gain. Buying products, stocks, real estate, or currencies should never be emotional. When the money is at stake, you need to implement a patiently planned strategy. Proceed within this framework and try to avoid impulse buying. Impulse buying can make you lose your mind.
Financial expert Kar Yong Ang agrees and adds, “I will usually wait for my purchases to be discounted during these days, as we are talking about up to 40% off the original price.
The critical point is therefore manifested particularly in the community of traders: developing and clinging to this psychological discipline enriches your overall spending strategy. This becomes even more crucial throughout the sale season. So, invest enough time in personal development, and if something goes wrong while implementing the plan, don’t worry.
Gero Azrul, who won the Traders Awards Malaysia 2020, further extends this advice: “You should consider mistakes as part of a conscious training process towards greater financial sovereignty later on. “
OctaFX is a global brokerage that has been providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It provides industry-leading trading experience to over 6.6 million trading accounts worldwide. In addition, the company is recognized for its promotions and high service standards.
OctaFX has won over 45 awards since its inception, including the 2020 Best ECN Broker Award from World Finance and most recently the 2021 “Best Forex Broker in Asia” award and the 2020 “Most Transparent Broker” award from Global Banking & Finance Review and Forex. Price, respectively. The company is known for its social and charitable activity.
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