Ocean City Resident offers style and comfort with a clothing line


WoodLuck Clothing offers unique and sporty clothing with style and comfort in mind. (Photo courtesy of Jake Brown)


At just 24 years old, Ocean City resident Jake Brown is a budding entrepreneur.

Its clothing line, WoodLuck, offers a range of items for the outdoorsy type. And the clothes sell out fast. The young talent not only keeps up with the growth of the company, but expands his business, while offering promotions to his loyal and new customers.

From now until Saturday, December 4, Brown is offering 20% ​​off WoodLuck inventory, plus free shipping. The promo code is Beer20. To order, visit WoodLuck at https://woodluckapparel.com/

Clothing is all about quality, style and uniqueness, Brown said. Each “WoodHood” hoodie has a thin piece of wood sewn into the garment with the WoodLuck logo. The name of the company arose out of Brown’s superstition of “knocking on wood” for good luck.

Since the website launched in 2018, WoodLuck’s customer base continues to grow.

And Brown is pretty sure why that could be.

“It’s all about the quality,” he said in an interview on Saturday at his new office in downtown Ocean City. “A lot of our old shirts just didn’t have the quality they have now. I researched different companies and clothes until I found the brand that had the best quality.

Brown, who works full time in insurance risk management, is an avid surfer and animal lover devoted to his family and girlfriend, Alex Valentini of Manasquan.

Jake Brown and his girlfriend, Alex Valentini, in his new office in downtown Ocean City.

His passion fuels the success he has achieved with WoodLuck.

Brown argues that it’s because of his business philosophy – quality over quantity – that he makes sure to deliver a garment that will be comfortable, casual, yet stylish and memorable.

“I want my clients to come back,” he said. “If people like the design or the color, but the quality just isn’t there, they won’t come back. “

Coffee colored bone colored sweatshirts that are thick and soft define hoodies. Long-sleeved shirts, like other garments, feature the WoodLuck logo with a simple pop of crisp color below the logo. The backs of the shirts have designs ranging from surfboards to sundials. The hoodies have the thin wooden labels.

While his clothes are competitively priced, Brown also knows the importance of rewarding loyal customers and attracting new WoodLuck fans, he said.

This is why Brown regularly offers discounts and promotions on the website.

He credits good business sense to his parents, Marnie and Jim Brown, who helped him achieve his dream, which was once a hobby but quickly turned into a career.

Each hoodie has a thin piece of wood with the superstitious logo on it. (Photo courtesy of Jake Brown)

WoodLuck started in his parents’ house, after all.

Now that he has opened an office in Ocean City which he uses for his inventory and his WoodLuck office, he can see even more expansion in the future.

He grew up in Ambler, Pa with his parents and brother Ryan, 20, but has always spent his summers in Ocean City.

“I’ve been on vacation here since I was a baby,” Brown noted. “I thought Ocean City would be a great place to open a store for WoodLuck.”

He graduated in 2019 from Bloomsburg University, where he studied Business Administration. It was while he was in college that WoodLuck came into being and the website was launched.

WoodLuck is, at least for now, a strictly online order. While Brown has said he’s open to the possibility of having a retail store that people can come to in the future, for now, WoodLuck’s website gives customers the benefit of exactly ordering. whatever they want and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Brown has ideas for new articles and is definitely growing.

“This month is the best month we have had so far,” he said. “I just fill order after order. It’s really crowded now, which is great. My goal is to have more space for more inventory and possibly to introduce new parts to the range.

Brown has a few ideas, but isn’t sharing the details yet.

“We will have new hats and shorts in the spring,” he said. “We might see new categories over the summer. We will definitely have new things for our customers.

WoodLuck is elegant but comfortable clothing. (Photo courtesy of Jake Brown)


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