Mercury soaking increases demand for winter clothing


Islamabad: The drop in mercury due to the ongoing cold snap in the country has increased demand for winter clothing in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, as in other parts of the country, with large numbers of shoppers thronging the weekly markets, second-hand clothes stalls and bazaars to buy hot stuff.

As the temperatures in the Twin Cities have dropped to -1 degree Celsius in the past 24 hours, citizens are forced to wear warm clothing to stay warm and protected from seasonal illnesses and risks associated with the new variant of COVID. -19.

Mother of four Shagufta Shahid said: “As the country experiences unusually cold weather due to climate change, it is necessary to take every precaution to protect ourselves, and especially children, from seasonal illnesses that can weaken the immune system when the threat of a new variant of COVID-19 is already looming over our heads. “

“During the ongoing cold snap in the country, we need to be very careful with our children and ensure that they wear balaclavas, caps and socks all the time,” she said. during a conversation with this agency. Irum Khan, another mother said: “I bought winter clothes and other accessories wholesale for my children, taking advantage of discounts offered by different brands before Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad’s birthday. Ali Jinnah, Christmas and New Years. Celebrations. “

She said: “I always buy winter clothes during the sale offers because it is difficult to buy things at the beginning of the season when the prices are at their highest.” She said, “The trend of online shopping websites has made it easier to purchase winter essentials since the outbreak of the pandemic. I bought clothes for my kids from a popular online leftover shopping website at very reasonable rates. ”

For Tajjamul Shah, who is a children’s clothing retailer at F-10 Markaz, December is the best month of the season to make huge profits by offering discounts for Christmas, New Years and the founder’s birthday. from Pakistan. He said: “We manage to get maximum profit out of the whole season in this month by offering discounts.”

Health experts have also advised citizens to take precautionary measures to protect children and the elderly from winter-related illnesses given their weak immune systems.

According to Pakistan’s Meteorological Department (PMD), the nighttime temperature in the capital fell to -01 last night, which may persist for the next few days.

The high parts of the country, including Rawalpindi and Islamabad, will remain in the cold snap, without risk of rain for the next two days.

Very cold weather is expected in most of the upper or central parts of the country and northern Balochistan, while dense fog / smog is expected to prevail over the Punjab plains, the meteorological office said.


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