Lowe’s Canada is hiring for many positions in Ontario and some require no experience


While some people had to go to school for these high-paying jobs, there were a few that didn’t require any degree.

British Columbia has a high cost of living, with the median rent in Vancouver for a one-bedroom apartment at $2,200 – so any advice on how to get paid more is probably more than welcome.

The Reddit user who asked the question said she was 28 and lived in Victoria. She was considering going back to school, with the goal of getting a job paying over $35 an hour.

So she turned to the world of Reddit to help figure out how to make this possible, and people showed up in droves.

Some careers were quite niche, but apparently there is a huge demand for them. Getting into a field like this could make it easier to get a job right out of school.

The thread gave good advice.

While some didn’t need a school diploma, you had to put in the time to do an apprenticeship. It might be worth it though.

A lot of people in the thread have suggested getting into trades. School is compulsory, but it seems more flexible than some other degrees.

There were good suggestions and high salaries.

So many great jobs have been listed that would inspire almost anyone to consider a career change.

Some don’t need school but require a lot of courage.

People were super helpful and willing to give lots of information about their career path.

Professions made a few appearances and were highly recommended by people in the thread.

If you are looking to make a difference in your career, now you have some ideas to consider!


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