Lou Paskalis, the new world president of MMA, has opinions


Lou Paskalis’s mission is to “save marketing from itself”.

“It has to go from what it is today, what I sort of go through to get things done, to something that I love because it allows me to do things,” Paskalis said in this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks.

Paskalis is a recognizable figure to many observers and leaders of the digital media supply chain. As a longtime senior media executive at Bank of America, Paskalis spoke about issues facing the advertising industry, from brand safety to the acute need for more transparency.

Now, as President and COO of MMA Global, a position he held earlier this month, Paskalis is in a more solid position to effect sweeping change. Rather than chart a course as a marketer, he runs a marketing business organization with over 800 member companies representing marketers, martechs, and publishers.

“If you’re just an advertiser sitting down with a bunch of other advertisers, you want a certain thing in a certain way and you don’t care about the rest of the ecosystem,” says Paskalis. “But those conversations we’ve had around the MMA board table and other venues have allowed us to walk a mile in place of our publisher partners, technology partners, and agency partners – and to recognize that we are winning together. ”

Also in this episode: The role of quality journalism, the future of email credentials, redefining the customer experience and what Paskalis would choose to have around the table if he could organize a dinner party and invite four people, live or dead.

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