Lingerie shopping: online or offline


There was a time when shopping for lingerie required a physical visit to the store. However, with the changing scenarios over time, it has now hit the road online!

The Indian market favors innovation and revolutions. As a result, the Indian retail industry has become one of the fastest growing and fastest growing in the world with a promising future. According to a study conducted by NASSCOM in collaboration with Technopak, Indian retail will create around 25 million new jobs by 2030.

Shopping online

Online lingerie shopping offers a plethora of options as well as ease of purchase. Customers can view a detailed product description, including fabric type, usage, care instructions, size availability, and expected delivery date. Online platforms are places where you can make purchases at your leisure. Women can also find a variety of options in the online world. All you have to do is choose the one that catches your eye and click to pay!

Customers can also return or exchange a product if it does not meet their expectations. Online shopping websites offer perks like discounts and promotional offers like cashback, referral bonuses, etc. along with a variety of payment options.

A significant disadvantage of buying lingerie online is that customers cannot touch or smell the product. This is an important step because we must be absolutely certain of the underwear we buy because they are intimate garments and our satisfaction is paramount.

Offline purchases

The offline purchase, especially of lingerie, presents the product in its actuality and reality. Customers can look, feel and touch the lingerie of their choice before making their purchase. With the parts right in front of them, they can make informed decisions and even try the product before deciding which ones to buy. Women also benefit from the immediate availability of products. They simply pay the amount and leave the store with their favorite lingerie. The concept of offline shopping also allows customers to select the best option for them, which makes them more comfortable and confident.

Offline shopping, on the other hand, offers fewer discount options as well as fewer size and variety options. Previously, cash was the main method of payment. However, payment gateways have solved this problem and customers can now pay through their preferred channel.


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