Launch of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium annual plans in India and some other countries


YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium received annual plans allowing users to pre-pay for a one-time 12-month subscription. The latest addition comes years after YouTube offered its paid subscription models on a monthly and quarterly basis. Annual plans for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium are currently limited to a handful of countries, including India and the United States. As an introductory offer, YouTube initially offers discounts with annual plans. Users can subscribe to annual plans from their Android devices or through the web.

As originally reported by 9to5Google, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium are now available in annual plans for individual users. This means that students and users with family members will not be able to get the annual plans for their accounts.

YouTube is running a promotional deal where customers get discounts on annual plans through January 23. The offer brings the annual plan for YouTube Premium to Rs. 1,159 ($107.99 in the US), while the annual plan for YouTube Music Premium is available with a reduced price of Rs. 889 ($89.99 in the USA).

Details on how much users in India will have to pay after the promotional offer ends have yet to be revealed. However, 9to5Google mentions that the annual YouTube Premium plan will normally be available at $119.99, while the YouTube Music Premium on an annual basis will be offered at $99.99 after the promotional offer ends.

Normally, YouTube Premium is available at Rs. 129 ($11.99 in US) per month and YouTube Music Premium at Rs. 99 ($9.99 in US) per month.

YouTube noted on a support page that annual plans are currently available in India, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States.

In addition to new subscribers, users with an ongoing YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscription can move annual plans after canceling their existing subscription and signing up again. Additionally, subscribers in India who are on a one-month or three-month prepaid plan will switch to annual plans once their prepaid plan expires.

Android and web users can subscribe to an annual YouTube Premium plan. However, YouTube has not yet provided an in-app sign-up option for iOS devices. In this case, iPhone and iPad users who wish to purchase the annual subscription must make their purchase on a computer or mobile web browser.

Above all, YouTube did not provide partial refund support for users choosing the annual plans. Payment for the plans is also on a prepaid basis and is non-recurring in nature. The latter means you’ll have to manually purchase the subscription once the original annual plan expires.

Gadgets 360 has reached out to YouTube for comment on the launch of its annual subscription plans and will update this article when the company responds.

In March 2019, YouTube launched YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium as ad-free subscription models in India. It also added prepaid plans with one-time charges later in the year.


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