Intel Arc A380 with 6 GB of memory confirmed by MSI


Intel Arc A380 desktop graphics card specifications and gaming performance are leaked. The information leaked by posting a gaming PC with an Intel Core i5-12400F processor and the Arc A380 in China, the post has been deleted.

According to the photos and screenshots, the GPU has 6 GB of GDDR6 memory coupled with a small 96-bit bus and 8 Xe cores, ie 1024 shaders, as mentioned on videocardz.

MSI seems to be preparing an overclocked Intel A380 model. Unfortunately, no information regarding GPU speed has been released. However, performance stats for well-known eSports games have been included. At 1080p with the medium and low quality presets, we’ll be able to play PUBG at 94fps. League of Legends at around 200 FPS, Overwatch at 100 FPS, and Eternal Catastrophe at 85 FPS. the first wave of Arc desktop GPUs would be available only to Chinese OEMs and the Chinese market. Given the tremendous expansion of eSports business in the region, it makes sense that Intel would introduce its budget and mid-range graphics cards in Asia.

The majority of the supply will likely go directly to Internet cafes and eSports facilities in China that are used to buying GPUs in quantity and at low prices. These companies often only support a small number of games, and those games are almost always of the eSports variety, which with a GTX 1650 work well enough in the majority of cases, and they would no doubt be willing to ignore some driver bugs in exchange for discounts and rebates.

RUMOR Intel ARC Alchemist Series Specifications
GPUs Xe Cores FP32 Cores Memory size Memory bus
Arc A770 16GB ACM-G10

Bow A750 ACM-G10

Bow A580 ACM-G10

Bow A380 ACM-G11

Bow A310 ACM-G11

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