I’m a Publix expert – my shopping tips will help you cut your grocery costs AND eat healthier


A PUBLIX expert has shared shopping tips that can help you reduce your grocery spending while eating healthier.

Nicole Krauss, media and community relations manager at Publix, detailed the best strategies for shopping the grocery chain.


A Publix expert revealed how to save money and eat healthier by shopping at this grocery chainCredit: Getty

Krauss said you can easily save money by shopping for seasonal produce.

“The best value follows what’s in season,” Krauss told Eat This.

“At the height of the season, prices go down due to the volume coming into the market.”

Publix shoppers can also have peace of mind knowing that produce is always fresh and even locally sourced.

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“Most stores get product deliveries seven days a week,” Krauss explained.

You don’t have to be a coupon savings expert to cut costs at Publix, either.

Indeed, Publix offers digital coupons on its website or on the Publix app.

You can create an account and save multiple coupons at once. Then, during checkout, all you need to do is enter your phone number and the discounts will be applied to your purchase.

And, if eating healthy is a priority for you, Publix makes it easy for you by labeling certain products.

If you are looking for items that are gluten-free, free of artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, there is most likely a label on the product.

It comes as a Publix employee revealed how to get two sandwiches for the price of one.


The grocery chain has 1,345 locations from Virginia to Florida and is one of the most popular stores in the Southeast.

But most people don’t know about the ordering trick that employee Crystal shared on her page, because it’s not advertised.

If you plan to order a whole sub from Publix, you should ask for the sandwich on White Mountain bread.

According to Crystal, the deli will have to give you two sandwiches on that bread at no extra cost.

White Mountain bread is available at bread at Publix and is no different from white bread except that the bread is round.

And unlike other bread options at the deli, the White Mountain bread is not featured in the bread basket at the counter.

As a result, Crystal said most people aren’t taking advantage of this two-for-one deal.

“It’s regular sliced ​​bread but it’s round, so when you order it, it’s technically not big enough to make a whole sub like their usual long buns,” Crystal said.

To compensate for the smaller sandwich size, the deli will simply make two sandwiches on White Mountain bread.

In his experience, the deli made the sandwiches on slices cut from the middle of the bread – the widest section.

So this cheat still gives you more food for the same price as a sub, even though the White Mountain sandwiches are smaller than the heroes.

As an added touch, the deli staff will also cut both sandwiches in half for you.

A Publix subset costs between $7 and $8, depending on your store.

Whether you’re really hungry or having lunch for two, this trick can keep your wallet and stomach full.

Note that you can only take advantage of this offer in stores, as Publix only allows white, Italian, and flat bread for sandwiches ordered online.

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