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Almost everyone is a victim of the bargain hunt – and buying an irresistible vacation deal is no different. From discount codes, coupons and promotions to seasonal trends, negotiations, rewards and travel tips, there are countless ways to save precious pennies when booking a vacation rental. Whatever the budget, these deal-finding tips just might help savvy vacationers find the best deals on their next dream vacation rental.

Book early

The very first rule of thumb to reduce rental costs is to book early. Like hotels, vacation rental owners don’t like their properties to sit empty, so they normally reward early birds with lower prices. Last minute bookings also tend to cost more due to a sense of urgency, meaning vacationers in a hurry are forced to pay a higher price out of desperation to avoid missing out.

Rental owners also love returning customers – not only because it earns them income, but also because it’s a compliment. A returning guest means they enjoyed their stay so much that they couldn’t resist coming back. And, with several stays, several dollars saved.

It’s common for repeat customers to be offered generous discounts as a sign of gratitude. If no offers are offered, politely inform the manager that you are a returning customer and they will likely take a benefit or two out of their pocket.

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Avoid shopping on weekends and evenings – Book during the week

Most bookings are made on weekends and on an evening when the majority of the population is not working and has free time to shop for their next vacation. That’s why many vacation rentals increase their prices on weekends, when more and more people are browsing and booking – hotels, airlines, and other travel agencies often operate the same underhanded way. To beat these nifty but naughty tricks, buy your vacation rental – along with flights, trains, and vacation experiences – on the weekdays before the party.

Reservation of a stay in the middle of the week

Weekend getaways are generally more popular because that’s when most people are free to work. Usually that means the prices are higher for bookings on weekends – as well as during holidays. So, to save money, consider booking a midweek stay and avoid Friday through Sunday when prices are normally at their highest.

Book out of season

If weather is not an issue, guests can save a ton by taking vacations outside of peak season to a particular destination. The low season is significantly cheaper, although the weather may be less inviting and a few attractions may not be available. However, this is not always the case, and what’s more, visitors can avoid the crowds while enjoying a vacation at a lower cost.

Additional hacks for duration offers

Stay longer

It is a general rule that longer stays are rewarded with lower prices in many cases. Normally, the longer the stay, the lower the cost per night. It may therefore be wise to opt for a vacation that is a little longer than expected, especially if the weather is flexible. Plus, who doesn’t want a longer vacation? If enjoying a longer vacation cuts the cost of the night, there is no excuse not to spend the money!

Doing a quick Internet search for a more “vacation rental” destination will bring up a myriad of options. But don’t settle for the first – pick a few that appeal to you, have all the amenities you need, and stay within your budget, all while comparing their prices and features.

Smart shoppers also use vacation price comparison sites to narrow their search even further. This will not only help travelers find the best price, but also select the ideal rentals that meet their particular needs.

Check other places in the area

Being determined to stay close to popular attractions is going to cost a lot more. But those who don’t mind being a bit further away from area hot spots will benefit from lower prices. Guests can still enjoy the beach, downtown, or any other attraction in the area without having them at their doorstep.

Instead of renting a beachfront property or a house in the heart of the city, try opting for a vacation rental that is a bit out of the way but still within walking or driving distance of local attractions – you may as well save a lot of money.

Check discounts and cashback offers

Savvy shoppers know the value of coupons and codes and never skimp on finding the most secretive promotions. It’s very easy to find redemption codes and offers online – some that the vacation rental websites themselves don’t tell customers about.

Always remember to do a quick internet search for discount codes, offers, promotions and coupons for the booking site being used. It takes a few minutes and can lead to huge price drops in most cases.

Buyers can also check out various cash back sites to see if any vacation rental sites are registered to give cash back on the purchase. Sites like TopCashBack, Ebates, Coupon Cactus and many others sometimes offer a generous percentage refund if a vacation rental is booked through them.

There is also no harm in negotiating politely with the manager or owner for a better price. Some rental owners have seasonal promotions and discounts and are sometimes willing to change the price, cleaning, and reservation fees.

To further increase the chances of getting a good deal, find a few similar rentals with lower prices to justify any request for a discount. Also, if the owner owns multiple properties, they may be able to offer a cheaper alternative. At the end of the day, managers don’t want empty rentals, so it’s always beneficial to ask for perks before booking.

Whether you book through a private rental owner, agent, or vacation rental website, it is often likely that various discounts are available. Of course, buyers can ask rental owners for a discount (it’s okay to ask politely!), But there are also specific discounts to keep in mind.

Check to see if there are discounts for students, seniors, people with disabilities, children, and families – some sites even waive booking fees for some customers. Some vacation rental sites also offer compensation for those who book in bulk – large families, groups of friends, schools, sports teams, and group travelers can often take advantage of amazing deals, especially if you book. several vacation homes.

Use Rewards credit cards

Many credit card companies offer offers and discounts to their customers, often in the form of redeemable points for use on various vacation rentals, hotels, airline websites, and more. Therefore, it is worth researching credit card and reward card providers well in advance and choosing the one that turns spending, points, and loyalty into vacation benefits and discounts.

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Discover vacation rental apps

Today’s travelers book with a smartphone, which is why vacation rental sites like Airbnb put theirs in their apps. Sometimes they offer exclusive deals and discounts to customers who book through their app. Therefore, before purchasing online or through an agent, be sure to check vacation rental apps first to see what’s on offer.

Be realistic and assess how many amenities are really needed to enjoy a vacation home. Most guests don’t spend much time at a rental property anyway – they’re exploring the area and its attractions! Don’t end up paying for amenities and luxuries that won’t be used – instead, go for more basic amenities to save extra money.

While finding an incredible rental at an even more incredible price seems incredible, it is advisable to be wary. There are indeed some great deals online, however unfortunately some travelers pay a premium price if they are scammed into vacation rentals. This can happen when someone steals photos of a rental property and advertises it as theirs, even though they are not the owner.

These scammers appear legitimate and usually offer a contract to sign along with a security deposit or payment. Everything looks fine until the unconscious guest arrives for their stay and finds out that there is no reservation and the scammer is gone with his money.

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