Ghana issues Ice Age series silver bullion coin


Although reindeer may reside far from Ghana, they are the subject of the seventh issue of Ghana’s “Ice Age Giants” silver bullion coin series.

Also known as caribou, the Holarctic deer still found today throughout Europe, North America and Asia, the reindeer has a thick, woolly undercoat and straight hair and long, making them extremely well suited to the arctic climates in which they reside.

Reindeer remains have been found much farther south, proving their presence in the late Pleistocene as far south as Tennessee and Virginia, but when the glaciers retreated the reindeer followed north.

The Ice Age Giants series commemorates the eight extinct animals that roamed the earth during the last ice age, which took place during the Pleistocene era.

Minted at the LEV – Leipziger Precious Metals Factory, the Giants of Ice Age series commemorates eight extinct animals from the Pleistocene era, according to the coin’s US distributor, which does not specify the reference to “extinct” animals.

During the Pleistocene, which ended about 11,700 years ago, the most recent ice age occurred.

Specifications, design details

The Brilliant Uncirculated 1 oz .999 fine silver 5 cedis coins have a mintage limit of 15,000 coins and come in a protective capsule.

The obverse depicts the coat of arms of the Republic of Ghana and the denomination.

The reverse features a side profile of a reindeer. Also on the reverse are the name of the GIANTS OF ICE AGE series, the date, purity, weight and outlines of the animals featured in the series.

Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH (precious metals factory) is also known for the production of Geiger Original Series gold and silver bars.

US distributor APMEX is offering the coins starting at $8.99 over the “spot” price of precious metals at time of order, with discounts for quantity and depending on payment method.

To order, visit the dealer firm’s website,

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