Endurance Warranty Services, LLC Selects RealityBLU as Augmented Reality Partner for 2% Postage Savings


BELOIT, Wis. – Endurance Warranty Services (Chicago, IL), which offers high-quality extended auto protection plans, chose RealityBLU as an augmented reality (AR) partner for its direct mail program.

RealityBLU’s WorldViewAR platform enables endurance assurance services to place people, places, and objects in the metaverse. With the platform’s intuitive client interface, even non-technical users can create memorable AR scenes that engage the company’s direct mail and digital audiences.

“We’re a high-volume shipper, so we started looking for ways to meet the requirements of the USPS Emerging and Advanced Technologies program, which offers mail-in rebates for using enhanced direct mail technologies,” says Christina Parente, vice -president of Endurance Warranty. Services. “There are a variety of technologies that would qualify us for the discounts, but after looking at all the options, augmented reality seemed like the best balance between cost and implementation.”

Christina heard about RealityBLU and its augmented reality creation platform WorldViewAR from a colleague, who recommended WorldViewAR for its ease of use. Indeed, thanks to the speed and professionalism of the RealityBLU team, Endurance Warranty Services was able to quickly set up and execute its first AR-enabled campaign.

The campaign allows recipients to place a television screen showing a promotional video in their real environment. This promotion allowed Endurance Warranty Services to obtain a 2% discount on their shipping costs.

“We’re really excited to have Endurance Warranty Services join our RealityBLU team as a user of our WorldViewAR platform,” said MJ Anderson, Director of Experience at RealityBLU. “Automotive protection coverage is a crowded and highly competitive market, and we’re excited to see how augmented reality helps them communicate their value proposition in a fun and engaging way that sets them apart from their competition and allows them to save money on postage at the same time.”

Scan the QR code above to watch the augmented reality experience used by Endurance Warranty to get their mail-in rebate, and watch a TV screen playing the company’s promotional video appear as a WorldViewAR 3D object right in front you.


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