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Starting a new or creative business is one thing, but learning how to promote and grow it effectively is a whole different thing. The field of podcasting is no different. The tactics you use to grow your podcast are no doubt going to differ from the methods you used when you started out and only needed to make sure your podcast messaging and sound quality was correct to the right. When looking to grow your podcast, you will need to consider factors such as key demographics of your target audience, how to market on a number of different social media channels, and how to implement SEO strategies.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to promote and grow your podcast today. I have tried a number of these different strategies myself, with varying degrees of success, to develop my own podcast and my own brand. While some strategies may take more time and effort than others, I’ve found that finding the right one is as easy as recognizing which growth tactics work or don’t work specifically for you and your podcast.

To help you get started, here are some of the easiest and easiest ways an entrepreneur can start growing their podcast.

Your podcast is a brand: treat it and promote it accordingly

What do other brands’ social media posts and your podcast episodes have in common? Simple: both are considered forms of digital content. This means that when you are creating audio content for your podcast, there are a number of factors that you need to consider when looking to promote and develop it, including focusing on the quality on quantity of your podcast content, ensuring that your podcast content addresses (and, preferably, helps solve) a problem unique to your listening audience, and working as hard to promote your podcast as you do to create its content.

By focusing on creating great content for a niche audience of listeners, your podcast is already one step ahead. Many entrepreneurs launch a podcast for their brand or business to build a larger marketing network, but it’s often more useful to use your podcast as a tool to identify specific user demographics and build engagement and loyalty. .

The larger the niche that your podcast content can target, the more likely you are to find guest speakers that fall within that niche of your podcast. Likewise, the success of your niche-focused podcast increases your chances of landing as a guest speaker on other podcasts in your niche.

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Never overlook the value of social media marketing

Today’s podcasting industry and social media go hand in hand, with so many different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more at your fingertips, each of which offers a unique opportunity to promote and develop your podcast as creatively as there are many.

For example, if you’re ready to publish your latest podcast episode, try teasing it to your followers and listeners on Twitter and Facebook with a single image to grab their immediate attention, and include a short 15-30 second sound clip to give a preview of what the episode is about. That same post can be reused for your podcast’s Instagram story, and even reposted for several days on your other social media accounts before the episode itself goes live.

If you also record your podcast episodes with video, this represents another opportunity for promotion and growth. Since Google’s search engine tends to value video content over 50 times that of text or audio, recording videos of your episodes, especially guest interviews, and uploading them to YouTube can greatly improve your podcast’s SEO and overall marketing success.

If your next episode is mostly about interviewing a key figure in your niche market or industry, you can simply tag the video “Interview with X” in order to get more success on YouTube and get more listeners. to your podcast on iTunes or Spotify. Annotating your podcast’s YouTube videos with accurate transcripts is another way to improve your podcast’s SEO and increase inbound listeners’ traffic to your show.

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Where possible, offer your listeners additional benefits free of charge

The allure of receiving something for free, even if it’s not necessarily something a consumer needs, is a huge motivator for consumers to come to your brand. For entrepreneurs looking to grow their podcast with more five-star reviews, a free offer is a unique strategy. If you have the budget for the merchandise, you can advertise a giveaway of merch on your podcast for listeners who leave a 5-star review within a certain time frame. Even if you don’t have the budget to give your listeners free merchandise, giving them discounts on future deals or even a shout out at the end of your next episode can be all the motivation they need to help you out. to promote and develop your podcast. .

This is another area of ​​your podcast’s growth strategy where social media can play a big role. Announcing your next giveaway on an Instagram post can be a fantastic way for your followers to tag friends – thereby adding more potential listeners to your podcast – while also generating essentially free PR for your podcast and its brand. Likewise, if your podcast is looking to partner with other brands for referrals, these types of giveaways and promotions may provide an opportunity to mention the specific brands you want to partner with for future promotions, thus opening up more potential ways to keep your podcast growing.

Whichever strategy you ultimately decide to choose to grow your podcast, remember that growth is not linear; it’s cyclical. The more permanent or recurring value you can bring to your audience, the greater your chances of sustaining consistent growth.

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