ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introduces Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Technology for Smart Floor Cleaning with the Launch of DEEBOT T10 in Singapore | Taiwan News


With the company’s new mission “Robotics for All”, ECOVACS is also launching a new Trade Up campaign for consumers to easily upgrade to the latest DEEBOT, allowing more consumers to enjoy cutting-edge innovation and smart technologies. for a smarter cleaning lifestyle.

SINGAPORE – Media outreach – June 13, 2022 – ECOVACS ROBOTICS (“ECOVACS”), the world leader in service robotics, continues its new mission, “Robotics for All”, by reinventing floor cleaning with the all-new AI-powered DEEBOT T10 robot vacuum. The new DEEBOT combines next-generation technologies, such as AIVI 3.0 enhanced AI-based object recognition and avoidance technology, which provide tech-savvy households with unique advantages. It also ushers in a new era of human-bot interaction with the YIKO voice assistant, making DEEBOT T10 everyone’s smart butler.

Superior cleaning ability powered by AI and the efficiency of ECOVACS proprietary technologies

Improved AI with AIVI 3.0: DEEBOT T10 comes with AIVI 3.0, powered by Horizon Sunrise® 3 processor. Enhanced AI capability improves single-image object recognition accuracy by 20% and object-to-image recognition speed unique 20 times. With an onboard 960P astrophotography camera that expands the field of view (FOV) to 148.3°, DEEBOT T10 identifies common obstacles on the ground faster and avoids them better. The robot vacuum also recognizes 18 types of floor obstacles, furniture and floor materials and comes with a TÜV Rheinland privacy and safety certificate for software and hardware. DEEBOT T10 is designed to work on different surfaces and carpets. AIVI 3.0 technology, when combined with ultrasonic sensors, helps the robot vacuum recognize different types of carpets, while anti-drop sensors prevent it from falling over stairs and thresholds. When cleaning carpets (only available in standard mode), it automatically changes the pressure and avoids them when cleaning. The real-time video and communication feature allows users to keep in touch with their family members at home and monitor their home at any time.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introduces Enhanced AI Technology for Smart Floor Cleaning with the Launch of DEEBOT T10 in Singapore

YIKO smart voice assistant: DEEBOT T10 features YIKO Voice Assistant, the industry’s first built-in natural language interactive assistant for home service robots and the first AI voice assistant in home service robotics to support multiple languages. It combines multiple AI-based voice interaction technologies, including Google’s voice semantics, to improve accuracy and response times, providing users with an unprecedented natural language interactive experience. Users can engage, command and interact with DEEBOT T10 with their voice. The three well-placed mics allow users to activate units by saying “OK YIKO”. By saying “OK YIKO, quick build a map”, users can build a complete map for efficient cleaning. The YIKO AI voice assistant also transforms the user experience, transforming the DEEBOT T10 from highly intelligent cleaning tools into true home service robotics. Built-in sound localization technology and AIVI 3.0 technology can locate the voice source in the home, allowing users to command the robot vacuums to clean a specific area or come to their location within five meters. Excellent ECOVACS HOME App Live: DEEBOT T10’s TrueMapping 2.0 uses built-in dToF sensors for more accurate positioning while allowing users to save maps in 2D or 3D formats to the intuitive ECOVACS HOME app on their mobile devices. Users can switch from 2D maps to 3D maps for a more detailed view of their home. By learning and understanding the home environment, the maps create a more detailed home environment and accurately identify the structure, furniture and floor materials of the house. Users can also improve cleaning efficiency around and under furniture using the 3D map.

Superior Cleaning experience with a 4-step deep cleaning system

Powerful 4-step cleaning system: The dual side brushes quickly pick up dust from the floor and cover every square inch of the house, while the floating main brush keeps the device closer to the ground without damage and with a strong suction power of 3000pa. The overall design allows the robot vacuums to adapt to different floor types during deep cleaning. The OZMO™ Pro 3.0 Oscillating Mopping System vibrates 600 times per minute to remove the toughest floor stains. It is ideal for dusty environments, for removing pet hair or for households where occupants are allergic to dust.

Clean well and smell good with the deodorizing module: The DEEBOT T10 allows you to refresh the air thanks to its interchangeable module during suction. Users can choose from three basic air freshener capsules – Wild Bluebell, Bergamot & Lavender, and Cucumber & Oak – and have a clean, fragrant home.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introduces Enhanced AI Technology for Smart Floor Cleaning with the Launch of DEEBOT T10 in Singapore

Compatible with the automatic dump station (sold individually): DEEBOT T10 supports Auto Dump Station, maximizing cleaning convenience and providing peace of mind. It empties all types of dust particles from the robot vacuum cleaner, allowing it to work longer and harder. The 21kPa suction power draws all dust from the device and eliminates the need for the user to manually empty the device’s dust collector. The station can retain dust for up to 60 days, and the fully sealed design and sealed dust bag ensure no accidental dust leaks. Users can also customize when the robot vacuum empties its collected dust.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introduces Enhanced AI Technology for Smart Floor Cleaning with the Launch of DEEBOT T10 in Singapore

Price and availability
DEEBOT T10 is available today from the official ECOVACS store on Lazada and Shop. The suggested retail prices of DEEBOT T10, Auto Dump Dock and DEEBOT T10+ (comes with Auto Dump Dock) are SGD 1,499, SGD 599 and SGD 1,999 respectively and have a launch promotion from June 13th to June 24, 2022. Please visit for more information or contact us at Facebook Where instagram.

“Redeem for the Latest DEEBOT” Season 2
ECOVACS understands that modern homeowners lead busy lives and have less time for household chores. With a vision of “Advancing robotic technologies in service of the world, to create a holistic ecosystem between human and robotics in lifestyle and production”, the company helps them find a better work-life balance. with the launch of their latest exchange program. , “It’s time to move on to hands-free cleaning”.

Customers of older DEEBOT models and those of other brands of vacuum cleaners can participate. They can enjoy discounts of up to SGD 150 for a new DEEBOT, including the recently launched DEEBOT T10 and the flagship DEEBOT X1 OMNI.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introduces Enhanced AI Technology for Smart Floor Cleaning with the Launch of DEEBOT T10 in Singapore

Trading is easy thanks to the program’s simple online trading process:
1. Visit the official ECOVACS store on Shopee (URL here)
2. Chat with the ECOVACS Customer Service Manager
3. Upload the receipt and photo of their old vacuum cleaner
4. Receive the Trade Up voucher code to purchase the new DEEBOT (only eligible for purchases from the official ECOVACS Shopee store)

The “Trade Up for the Latest DEEBOT Season 2” campaign will run from June 13-24, 2022 in Singapore.


Innovating from day one – Creating the smart home.

With a new vision of “Advancing robotic technologies to serve the world to create a holistic ecosystem between human and robotics in lifestyle and production”, ECOVACS ROBOTICS cares about innovative solutions to improve your lifestyle . Our goal is to design and launch “Robotics for All”: using our deep understanding of use cases and consumer experiences.

With over 20 years of cutting-edge design and research, we’ve led the market as homes become smarter and more responsive. We’re building a world where your home demands less attention, becomes more transparent and powerful, and frees you to spend more time doing what you love.



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