Does Coffee Improve Your Mood? A recent study thus suggests


Reaching for one of the best coffee makers during the winter months might not be such a bad idea. A recent consumer study carried out by the Institute for Scientific Research on Coffee found that drinking coffee during the winter months can improve mood and reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

The October 2021 survey of more than 5,000 people across Europe indicates that consumers drink coffee to feel more energetic, improve their mood and help focus. These findings indicate that drinking coffee is helping at a time when more than a quarter of adults across Europe show signs of depression and anxiety.

The nonprofit Institute comprises six major European coffee companies, including Lavazza and Nestlé, and has been conducting research in the science of coffee and health since its founding in 1990. More recently, the Institute has explored the effects of coffee. mental health coffee.

Recent studies show how, as daylight hours dwindle, people turn to coffee to counteract the negative effect it has on their mood. Drinking coffee can improve memory and, according to the European Food Safety Authority, even increase motivation to exercise. In addition to the energetic effects of caffeine on the body, the anticipation of these effects also triggers an increase in mood and increased attention span, according to recent findings.

The published study said that “one in five adults in the survey report drinking coffee to improve their mood, with research suggesting that 75 mg of caffeine every four hours can lead to a sustained improvement in mood over the course of time. the day”. But don’t overdo it. Other cited research has also found that consuming too much coffee can induce additional anxiety.

There are, however, a few caveats to note here. While the results could be extrapolated to indicate a trend in the overall population, the sample size of 5,000 is limited to just five European countries. The Institute also said their reports are unbiased, but the increased sales and revenue that large coffee companies, such as Nestlé, could earn also cannot be ignored.

This study seems to prove a correlation we all knew was common knowledge: A cup of coffee can get you through the long day at work, when the night seems to draw near before you get home.

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