Connecting Grenadians in the Diaspora with 473 Connect


[St. George’s, Grenada]Grenada has one of the most active diaspora communities in the Caribbean. To recognize their unwavering support and contribution, the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) has launched an incentive program called 473 Logintargeting the 360,000 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Grenadians in the Diaspora around the world.

“These sons and daughters of the destination are a group of venerable ambassadors. They are adept at re-engaging their roots and their culture. As well as sharing the island’s appeal with their networks,” said Petra Roach, CEO of GTA. “These are our unsung heroes who are there to support us in times of need. Without expecting anything in return. It is through their voices that the story of Grenada is organically shared abroad. Also, those who, without being called, raised their hands and asked in the most vulnerable hour – how can we help? We are here to help our beloved country.

How to login

Participants will register via the website and follow a training program in 12 modules. When completed, it grants them 473 Connect Ambassador status.

Fueled by this up-to-date information, 473 Connect Ambassadors are then fully armed to recommend to their friends and colleagues why Grenada is a great choice for a vacation destination. They also have exclusive access to a list of preferred travel advisors who can turn their recommendations into reservations.

473 Connect Membership Card

Program participants can apply for a membership card. A card that offers deep discounts on accommodation and experiences across the island. Especially so that they can continue to learn about the tourism product and experience it first hand. They will then receive points. Once their friends and colleagues recommended trip to Granadawhich can be accumulated and redeemed for accommodations, tours, meals and other offers.

To provide more information and introduce the program in more detail, there will be a series of upcoming webinars. As well as promotional parties in London, Manchester, New York, Miami, Toronto and Montreal. Familiarization trips will also be organized for the best artists in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. At the end of the calendar year, the 473 Connect Ambassador with the most referrals from each market will win the grand prize of an all-inclusive trip for two, including airfare, accommodation, meals, an excursion and transfers.

“If every Grenadian in the Diaspora convinces at least one friend or colleague to visit the Tri-Island State, imagine what that would do to our number of arrivals and the economic benefits that come with it,” said Petra Roach.


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