A dozen ways to promote businesses on social media for free


The internet is full of ways to promote businesses on social media for free. And you don’t have to browse the vast ocean of sites online before you get lucky. There are countless ways to promote businesses on social media for free.

Before the Internet took hold of our imaginations, small businesses had to confine the marketing of their products to inexpensive and limited methods such as printing flyers, sponsoring local events, or relying on print ads and local billboards.

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Now you are spoiled for choice for the riches that abound on the internet that are both free and effective. You just need to know where to look. You can always place your ads on major social media platforms for your products and services for free.

Signing up for search engines is a free way to promote businesses on social media

One of the best ways to promote your products is to list them on Google Places. Signing up for this platform will get it ranked higher in Google searches, and it even shows up on Google Maps.

To register on Google searches, you just need to fill in the form and register your company by verification and confirmation. Microsoft’s Yahoo and Bing offer similar services on how to promote businesses on social platforms for free.

Promote brands on social media platforms

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Getting the basics right is the surest way to catch the eye. You must first complete your profile. Your profile page must be completed in all details.

The Facebook About tab allows you to include links that include other networks’ profiles. The Story tool allows you to upload additional information about your business in a story format.

Adopting social media as a lifeline

Social media platforms are no longer just a tool for additional exposure. It has turned into a necessary investment for all forms of businesses. You can integrate offers and advertisements on your Facebook page and also develop a direct channel on Twitter with your customers. You can also opt for the networking feature on LinkedIn, which is available on both corporate and personal levels to help your startup.

Blogging is another way to help your business gain exposure through subscribers. It’s a more direct way to connect with customers. But you need to keep your blogs updated frequently because inactive blogs will quickly lose subscribers.

How to promote your business on social media for free with your own branded hashtag

Instagram recently included the additional feature of linking other hashtags and accounts to your own bio. Initially, people had to memorize hashtags. You can now use the platform to promote various location-specific accounts.

These can be standard or separate hashtags, for example for a specific contest. These hashtags use spaces with brand hashtags and location account hashtags. Subscribers are easily directed to accounts and explore their pages.

Follow Us: Using Cross-Promotion Across Different Channels

One of the coolest and most direct cross-promotions of your channels is reminding your followers of your presence on various social media platforms. It’s okay to be direct about it.

Cross-promotion can be modest like linking to another social media account. It may be accompanied by a call to follow the media account. For regular Snapchat users, changing their profile picture to their Snapcode works well.

Using branded or unique social icons helps your website appear first when customers search for you. It’s also easy and convenient for customers to follow the social media platform you’re on.

You can also make the icons more personal by adding your brand colors or graphics.

How you can promote your business on social media for free by joining the right online community

Every niche product and service has dedicated online communities that you can be a part of. But just signing up and posting your business information once in a while is not good for your business and will more likely annoy your customers.

Learn to actively contribute and build a long-term relationship. Keep business to a minimum and keep your promotion passive and low-key. Use a link in your signature and mention your business only when you think it’s appropriate in the context.

Tag products on posts

This is a feature available on Facebook and Instagram. A Shoppable tag is vital for brands. They help rank your products to potential customers, and they can access them directly through this tag.

By clicking on your tagged product, the customer is directed to the product page and is also guided by a short description of it.

How to Promote Social Media Businesses for Free with Giveaways and Contests

One of the main social promotions you can rely on is giving away giveaways and contests. It is a given way to promote business on social media for free and achieve success through it. For contests, it’s prudent to set a low-barrier one for your brand. The ideal gifts make it very easy for candidates to participate. They also get the best engagement. It’s the perfect way to get started in contests.

You can step up your game through a user-generated contest where a hashtag is specifically generated for a specific event. Hashtag tools such as Sprout Social make it possible to observe and respond to entries. It also helps to showcase the success of the contest promotion.

Gain success by modifying the approach depending on the network

Identical copy does not work successfully on social media platforms. The audience on Facebook is the same as you will encounter on LinkedIn. The images or videos may be the same but the copy must change.

You need to experiment with vocabulary and tone and adapt to the audience. Your copy on LinkedIn will be even more sales oriented whereas if you are targeting a Snapchat audience you will need to use more memes and GIFs.

Engage employees on social media

Employee engagement and advocacy is quickly becoming a major cause of brand content amplification and helps you promote your business on social media for free. Your loyal staff can help you promote personalized and directed messages through their social media platforms for wider reach. This quickly multiplies your efforts.

More often than not, your campaign will have a target audience that matches the profile of your employees. You can engage them with easily shared content.

Create an ambassador program

A loyalty or ambassador program is usually based on brand awareness. You need to inspire your passionate customers to reach out to their friends. This leads to the natural growth of your brand.

Building a loyalty-based program takes patience and time. You can seek outside help and consider creating a referral or loyalty program instead. Loyal customers could be rewarded with discounts for their referral purchases. Once you have launched such a program, you can advertise it on social media and also notify customers when you reply to their messages.

Set up multimedia on Flickr and YouTube

Video download sites like YouTube offer a convenient way to distribute creative promotional videos. But your success depends on uploading content that appeals to the audience and is also directly relevant to your product or service. Simple ads never work. A Flickr profile is also useful for compiling all of your business photos that are linked to your website.


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