4 tips to grow your email list. Ready for 2022? There is something… | by Marielle Reussink | February 2022


Ready for 2022? There’s something exciting about the promise of a new year and another opportunity to achieve your business goals. If you’re like me, you’ve worked on your marketing plan for the coming year. As part of this, you may be looking for new ways to promote your business and optimize your marketing approach.

One of the things you might consider is how to improve your email marketing. With social media changing so much and organic reach shrinking, email marketing will be key this year and growing your email list will be top of your agenda.

Are you ready for the challenge? Take the next step to discover 4 ways to get started. If you’re not sold on email marketing yet, read on.

Unlike social media, email marketing allows businesses to nurture their own audience regardless of endless algorithm changes and increased competition. Beyond that, email marketing also gives you the ability to share visually engaging, personalized, and in-depth content specifically tailored to unique audience segments.

It allows you to really engage different audiences by giving them something they will truly appreciate because it matches their thoughts, concerns, and needs. Ultimately, it drives brand awareness, love, and brings people into your brand universe where you can convert them.
This does not mean that social media marketing has become redundant and that you should only focus on email marketing. On the contrary, the two complement and reinforce each other. Overall, they should be part of an overall marketing approach to promoting your business.

Now that we’ve got it all covered, let’s get creative with 4 ideas for building your email marketing list:

If you offer a range of different products designed to meet different needs, a quiz can be a fun way to capture leads. Create a pop-up or landing page on your website that lets customers answer a few questions to get personalized recommendations.

For example, the herbal tea company Pukka uses a quiz to allow people to discover their body-mind type (dosha) according to Ayurvedic principles. This provides immediate value to customers by giving them knowledge about their dosha type. Pukka then gives customers the option to subscribe to their mailing list to get personalized recommendations based on their dosha.

Your messaging platform may offer a built-in tool to create quizzes hosted on your website, or you can use a free or paid quiz builder to create a quiz feature.

It’s a great way to build your list – and it’s also fun and helpful for your audience!

I hope you already have an email signup button on your website (if you don’t, delete everything and go add one!), but have you ever experimented with different offers to encourage people to register?

Here are some ideas to try:

  • 10-20% off your first purchase — test this to see if the higher percentage actually moves the needle!
  • Free delivery on your first order
  • Gift with purchase for subscribers
  • Access to a limited edition product or collection
  • Early access to a sale or product launch
  • Exclusive subscriber-only discounts that are too good to resist!

What works best for one company may not work for another. Try testing different strategies over time and see if you notice a difference in signup rates.

If you’ve already worked on building a social media audience, why not use that existing audience to drive email signups and bring your audience closer?

An effective strategy is to organize a contest or a giveaway. Ask your subscribers to enter your contest for a chance to win a prize by sharing their email address. As a bonus, encourage them to comment on the original social media post once they’ve entered for increased reach and engagement.

This way you can capture many emails in a quick burst. Want to keep it simple?

You can also simply add a direct link to your email signup form from your Instagram bio to encourage people to subscribe on an ongoing basis.

When you ask someone for their email, you are asking them to do something for you. In the spirit of reciprocity, think about what you could do for them!

A very useful and original digital download, a free mini-course or an online workshop are some ideas you could try. Here are some examples to consider:

  • A flower business might offer a free downloadable guide to flowers, including their names, colors, and seasonal availability.
  • A clothing brand could offer a free online styling workshop to help people style the brand’s products with accessories in their own wardrobe.
  • A cookbook author could offer a week-long mini-course delivered via email with recipes, techniques, and pro tips centered around a popular theme.

So many ideas! What could you create?

Either way, always make sure it actually adds value! There’s nothing worse than entering your email only to find that the reward is completely worthless. Also, don’t forget to think about how your downloadable will look on different devices to make sure it’s a great experience. Make sure it’s not an A4 PDF!

Each of these strategies and incentives could offer you an effective way to build your email list, but that’s only the first step in what we hope will be a lasting relationship with your new subscribers.

Do you remember what we said about reciprocity? By subscribing to your mailing list, people believe that you won’t just spam them with boring promotions (or worse, sell their information). The ball is in your court to offer inspiring, relevant, engaging content, so that your new followers continue to open your emails… instead of unsubscribing.

Are you up to the challenge? Whether you have exactly zero subscribers or several thousand, we hope you’ll be inspired to try something new this year to build your email list.

If you would like to learn more about using email marketing for your business, contact me at [email protected] at discuss your marketing plans in 2022.


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